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J S Lane Company purchases offsets for 100% of Its Carbon Emissions.


Consultant horn-blowing is an epidemic that needs to be curtailed, but I like to talk about the communities where I've worked and all the contributions J S Lane Company - and my clients - have enabled me to make locally and globally through the years. I hope these resources inspire you (or your company) to do more, too.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Ghandi

past contributions

Carbon Offsets Again for 2023 J S Lane Company elected to offset all of its carbon emissions!  Carbon Fund makes it easy and affordable to offset carbon emissions through reforestation and renewable energy projects. J S Lane Company purchases credits annually to offset all carbon costs for doing our work...the big companies could be doing this, too....


Pandemic Assistance It's an honor to help out those in dire need during this epic time when there is so much to do. Doctors Without Borders has been putting their people on the line for a long time and, like all medical professionals, are real heroes fighting Covid-19 on the front lines. 

Education Next City has one of the few recurring emails that I consistently crack open. It is informative and to the point, but evidences sound research and directs you where to go for more, if you want more. I'm proud to help them accomplish their mission of helping us.


Oceans Wherever you are the oceans support you, so support them back through 4ocean and other great organizations that are working hard to keep the seas healthy and reduce plastic pollution.


The Bicycle Man Community Outreach Project After helping to complete the Fayetteville Area MPO's Congestion Management Plan for Hoke+Cumberland Counties, we dedicated this Plan to Moses Mathis, The Bicycle Man. For 22 years, until his death in July 2013 (the same month the transportation plan was adopted), Mr. Mathis refurbished old bicycles and gave them away to at-risk kids in the Fayetteville area. J S Lane Company has donated a total of $400 so far to this worthy cause.


Safe Cycling for Kids. I've taught hundreds (thousands?) of kids how to be safer cyclists - and drivers, later - through the years at dozens of bicycle clinics. Let me know if you want me to help your school or group stage one of these.

Wake Forest Rain Garden and Trail I learned a lot helping students and town staff create a rain garden to help treat stormwater runoff and green up a corner of a popular park in downtown Wake Forest. And congratulations to all those that helped make a half-mile "soft" trail a reality for Wake Forest. 


Futures for Kids I joined this exciting opportunity to answer questions and be a mentor to students in North Carolina; regardless of your occupation this is a great chance for you to make a difference in a young person's future ( 


TLC Member On behalf of J S Lane Company, LLC money was donated to Triangle Land Conservancy. Using land to feed the hungry, connect people with the world, and simply enable a walk in the woods, TLC offers much to our Triangle Region.


Bike Charity Rides The MS150 Bicycle Ride (New Bern), Cups'N'Cones Bicycle Charity Tour (Cary), Habitat for Humanity (Mooresville)and others I've been able to contribute towards because of my clients.

Tornado Relief Efforts. J S Lane Company, LLC donated over $150 worth of food, clothing and household supplies to help the people left homeless and stranded by the tornados that came through our community in early 2011.  


Future Cities Competition I was fortunate to be a judge in this competition challenging middle school students to design scale models of cities that address transportation, land use, environmental, and a "theme" issue (the issue was caring for elderly and infirm populations).


World Vision Fund You can support a child every month through this organization, although there are other reputable charities that do similar work.

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