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10 Years!!!

Where did the time go...


J S Lane Company will provide on-call support services to the Wilmington, NC Metropolitan Planning Organization.  Under contract to AECOM, J. S. Lane Company will provide professional engagement, economic impact, and multimodal planning services for the progressive coastal MPO and its member agencies. Beautiful, growing, and historic, the Wilmington area has a great future ahead.


J S Lane Company helped secure $9.6million in Grant Money for Kenton County, Kentucky.  Under contract to Stantec Consulting Services, Inc., Mr. Lane prepared the Benefit-Cost Analysis and write-up that will finance safety and mobility improvements to a 1.5-mile section of KY-36 near the KY-536/I-75 interchange and the City of Independence. The project will also involve intersection improvements and a roundabout conversion. 


J S Lane Company is helping Bluefield, West Virginia find a way to repair or replace key infrastructure.  Working with E. L. Robinson, J S Lane Company has been chosen to develop multimodal and funding options for a bridge connecting an historic community to emergency services and opportunities. Proud to be part of an exciting project that links traditionally underserved low-income and minority populations with an incredible cultural and musical legacy to their future.


Pandemic Response. J S Lane Company, thanks to my clients, continues to do good in the community and around the world. I am proud to be able to donate to Doctors Without Borders, an organization that is once again at the forefront of world health and fighting COVID-19. Thanks to them and everyone in the medical profession!

Annapolis, Maryland is working with J S Lane Company to Develop their Transportation Plan. Working for Stantec Consulting, we're creating and making great things happen for the transportation element of Annapolis Ahead.


J S Lane Company is Helping Create the Plan for Wendell, NC. Fast-growing Wendell is on the eastern fringe of the Triangle Region, and has a character uniquely its own. The Town is contracting with Nealon Planning, who is co-managing the project with J S Lane Company. The new town plan emphasizes engagement, alternatives analysis, and legible plan documentation to provide guidance on housing, transportation, utilities, and policy to shape the Town's bright future.


J S Lane Company is Helping a MPO Develop a Small Area Plan. The Capital Area MPO develops sub-regional updates to their metropolitan transportation plan, and J S Lane Company is working on the transit, performance, and economic components of the northeast area for Stantec Consulting Services Inc. This project is an update for a project that Mr. Lane led in 2014. 


Congratulations to City-Explained for the 2019 NC American Planning Association (NCAPA) Marvin Collins Award! The Town of Knightdale Comprehensive Plan won this prestigious award from NCAPA given to one community and plan that exemplifies excellence in the planning profession. Mr. Lane helped early on with the plan to review and provide a slate of specific transportation recommendations. Great job!

Nationwide Study of Metropolitan Planning Organizations. Mr. Lane is a Co-Principal Investigator for the Metro Analytics team that has been selected to study and suggest practices to propel metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) past the challenges they now face. The study is sponsored by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program.

J S Lane Company is Helping Develop a Comprehensive Plan for Leesburg, Virginia. One of the most beautiful towns in the country is also within the commuteshed of Washington, DC, and feeling the pressures of growth. J S Lane Co is partnered with Stantec Consulting and City Explained to create a responsive, detailed plan for the town.


Carbon Offsets That last word in the company tagline - sustain - can be hard to accomplish, sometimes even hard to recognize. However, Companies like Carbon Fund and myclimate make it easy to offset carbon emissions through reforestation, renewable energy, and other projects. J S Lane Company purchases credits annually to offset 100% of the estimated carbon cost of doing our work. We've been known to gift additional offsets in the name of our clients to thank them.